About DOD

Damilola Oke Design is a creative design studio specializing in creative designs and collaborative relationships.

The studio is run by Damilola Oke, Damilola is an innovative design strategist and value creator with a penchant for disrupting design conventions. He has a 360° immersion in communicating brand essence. His core is creating a nexus between strategy and design for delivering cutting-edge visual solutions.

He is particularly conscious of the successes of startups and SMEs in a constantly evolving world, exposing the nitty-gritty of visuals with clarity and ease; ensuring businesses cuts through the noise and deliver a clear message with a consistent visual style that is strategy-driven.

From experience, he has worked on varieties of brands not limited to 1960 Rootz, Blue Nun, Four Cousins, BAT, John Bannerman, WAW, Nexus, Hubryde, So Klin, Sharpie, Papermate, amongst others. Through his extensive education and experience, Damilola has learned the significant difference between design based on trend and design built through a collaborative, investigative process.

Damilola partners with clients to produce design that speaks to their core values resonates with their audience and serves them for years to come. Above all, Damilola enjoys teaching, loves creating value, staying up to date with industry trends, illustrating new concepts, connecting unrelated pieces, and collaborating with innovative minds.